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Customs Brokerage

Customs brokerage is one of the core functions of Expocerts. We provide value-added customised services to our clients. We can provide customised monthly reports to maximise your control over import duties - giving full picture of benefits from preferential trade which enables you to see whether you have availed the benefits or not; if preference was available and you have missed it then you can reclaim it within a specified time frame.

Import declarations must be filed for customs clearance for goods which are entering into UK frontiers directly from outside EU; or for goods which have entered first into any other EU member state and then entered into the UK under Community Transit which are not in free circulation until import declarations are made.

Export declarations must be filled for goods exported to outside EU states whether directly from UK or from UK via another EU state - (shipments from UK exiting via another EU state must be accompanied with Community Transit document).

Community Transit
Community Transit (CT) or TIR documents  are required for the movement of goods (which are not in free circulation) in road vehicles or in containers crossing one or more than one country before reaching their final destination.

For goods moving entirely within EU goods must be accompanied by CT documents.

For goods exported from UK but exiting from another EU member state Community Transit  documents  are required along with full pre-shipment declaration.

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